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KAS produces high quality contemporary ceramics for gallery, influenced by current events and traditional ceramic forms. The maker behind the brand is Midlands based Katie Smith. As an artist and designer-maker, Smith creates ceramic vessels that portray narratives through both form and illustration. Her work focuses on reflecting experiences and events through ceramics, using texture and surface decoration to tell stories, while also making pieces that people are drawn to touch.


Smith employs various methods and techniques to achieve her desired finish, with a focus on hand-built forms and maximalist surfaces. She draws influence from the world around her as well as historical objects to create her thought provoking works. Her forms are often traditional in shape but modern in style, as she attempts to update conventional ceramic structures, adding contemporary elements to established shapes. Smith’s projects often begin with a vast amount of research and initial sketches, investigating her subject matter in depth, then progressing into material explorations and finally creating a finished piece. 


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