Model making - paper maquette

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

As part of my MA at UAL I will be posting weekly updates on this blog, reflecting on my MA work, ideas and creative practice in general.


One of our first briefs is titled 'model making', which I began by mind-mapping various ideas and directions the project could go in. I contemplated odd dreams that had stuck in my head as well as several notable memories, also considering possible materials to model in. I played around with gluing wooden toothpicks and kebab sticks to explore through making and whittle down my ideas.

I decided on the memory of my Auntie Bettie's cabinet - something my mother owns that I was never allowed to touch as a child. It was passed down to my mum a while after her Aunt Bettie died and it held exclusively treasures and trinkets for its whole existence. My memory is standing in front of the cabinet and staring at the pretty things inside, occasionally daring to open it and picking up something shiny which gave me a mad rush of adrenaline because I knew I wasn't allowed.

After a couple of sketches, I made a paper maquette of the cabinet. From this, I learnt how I wanted to build the structure and that I needed a stronger material if I wanted to put anything inside - giving me a template to make a sturdier version out of foam board.

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