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Paola Anziché:

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Really like her use of crochet/macrame to create these hanging 'basket' forms. Could look at using a similar technique through the holes of my ceramic pot, finger knitting a weave through as opposed to a tightly wound weave pattern. Could I have hanging elements from my ceramic? Have it sat on a pedestal/plinth with knitted elements draping and falling down?

Michael Marriott:

Looking at CNC cut furniture - like the simplistic idea of slot-together furniture. Suitable for a larger scale of production as well as a cheaper alternative to hand building. Looks like he's used a thinner plywood, so not quite as robust/durable as a thicker material - are these pieces made to last?

I want my stool to be built to last. Although is more expensive to use a thicker plywood in CNC, its more heavy duty and the furniture I make from it is more likely to last a long time. I also want it to focus on the wood rather than adding any surface decoration, as Marriott has done, because it relates back to the connection between maker and materials. Furthermore, I want the joints to be a focus and point of detail. The laminated layers that make up the plywood will show in the mortise pocket along the legs of my stool. Inspired by the trivet in the ILEA Collection, the striped quality of the plywood adds an extra element of interest.

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