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Updated: Apr 19

I discovered an online talk by the Arts Council titled 'Distributing your work online'. Following the pandemic, I know many artists and makers have had to move online with the closures of galleries and trade shows. Although many of these have opened again, the digital world has become vital in getting your work seen and purchased. I don't feel particularly confident with technology or working online, so found this talk to be very useful.

The most useful pieces of advice I took from this were:

  • Choose a social media platform that works for you through trial and error, often instagram is better for 3D works (ceramics). Research how to get work seen on this platform - instagram reels get far more views than any other type of post

  • Plan months in advance of launching anything - engage on social media and target existing audience. Post about you etc to increase brand awareness.

  • If paying for ads, post organically and frequently over time using small budget. One or two big expensive adds will be less effective.

  • Find partners - other people to share your work to their platforms. If have themes behind brand, might encourage others to work with you if they overlap. Create excel spreadsheet to keep track of potential and current partners.

  • Instagram reels receive far more views than photo or video posts - if want more people to see work or my profile, would be better to use reels.

Notes from talk:

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