Bridget's diagrams session

Updated: Mar 15

Investigating materials and material cultures. Looking at ways of presenting information, making information visually appealing/attractive. Presenting my project ideas/thoughts/concepts in ways to help others understand. I could situate these diagrams in my portfolio to assist in communicating my thinking better as mind maps can be difficult for others to follow or understand.

Ryoji Ikeda - collating and presenting masses of information

Thinking about the themes of my work and what links concepts together. Aim is to develop a diagram that contextualises/explains/maps/situates my work. Materially, socially, culturally etc.

I decided a Venn diagram was the best way to present my ideas - lots of them overlap and many (if not all) interconnect in terms of principle. However, it could be improved with added colour to show the differentiation between the various sections and ideas. Furthermore, I could add some more information that situates my work in a cultural/social way - what impact do I want my work to have and on who?

Outside of class I wanted to try another type of diagram - I wanted to try and plot my ideas in a sort of scatter graph to communicate how they link together. I took my 4 key ideas with thoughts and ideas across each section, moving them closer to the other sections they relate to.

As you can see in the diagram, those highlighted in green straddle two areas. I wanted to have a few ideas that blurred the lines between the sections as the four themes are thoroughly linked in my work, with less obvious distinction.

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