Building big #3

After sketching out what I wanted my showcase display to look like (see display methods post), I decided I wanted to make a third huge vessel. I feel this will balance out the display more, as the two I have already made are of differing heights, a third big form will tie the other two together nicely. Furthermore, it gives me more room to play around with my display as I will have more works to select from, meaning I can decide if I want to only show the 3 large works or include the smaller ones.

Shape and form considerations:

When reflecting on the current body of work I have, I feel that a darker, more striking vessel is missing. A way to achieve this would be by creating a large black piece, bigger than the others I have made so far. As I have already used a mix of buff stoneware and terracotta clay, I think black clay will add to the collection well, adding depth.

Building with black clay:

Mid-way reflection:

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