building bigger #2

Following James' advice, I chose to build my second large vessel from terracotta. My final objects from the last term were made from terracotta, and with my matte white glaze, the texture was highlighted really well. As well as this, using a lower-firing clay means I can build a more dramatic shape. With this piece, I want to build taller. I had to stop building with my stoneware vessel to ensure it didn't collapse at the widest point, as it started to crack.

Form considerations - what could I not achieve with the stoneware that would be possible with terracotta?

Building process:

How can I finish the vessel?

Finished vessel:

Im really pleased with how this piece has turned out. Before bisque firing, it measured at 71cm tall. Furthermore, I'm very happy with the warped shapes I've been making this term, the larger I build, the better the shapes come out. Continuing my practice further, a larger scale is definitely something I want to take forward as the vessels have more of an impact and the forms seem more impressive.

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