Ceramic Art London

This year held at Central Saint Martins, Ceramic Art London is a pottery exhibition/show and fair.

Photos from the exhibition:

When looking around the works, I was focused on seeing other potters glazing and forms - something I'm currently exploring myself.

After graduation, this is the type of exhibition I aim to display my work and the environment I as a maker want to be selling my work in. It is a high-end ceramic fair with most works starting at a couple hundred pounds.

I noticed that the majority of the ceramicists made mugs alongside their other works, which were priced much lower and seemed to sell very well. This offers those interested in your work a chance to buy a piece without spending hundreds or thousands, which in turn can encourage them to follow your work and possibly return to your work to buy more [expensive] pieces and grow their collections. I have been making mugs predominantly as gifts, but did a poll on my instagram to see if people would be interested in purchasing them, which received very positive feedback.

Included in the price of an entry ticket was access to the Claytalks. As I went on the Friday morning I managed to go to about 3, one of which I found incredibly interesting - A Larger Vessel: Ceramic and Contemporary Civilisation by Paul Greenhalgh. Paul spoke about the history of ceramics as it has largely been missed by history. I found his talk very inspiring in reflecting on past works and how ceramics has developed through the ages. He spoke briefly about minimalism and maximalism in relation to ceramics so I spoke to him after to see if I could interview him for my CRP. We exchanged numbers and are in the process of arranging an interview date.

Notes from his talk:

  • The issue = ceramic missed by historians and history

  • Book - history, not just normal books that are about function and vessel. ‘Historiography’

  • Other histories imposed on ceramic, painting etc

  • Things specific to ceramics

  • Time, ubiquity, mimesis, identity, gender, race/emigres, narrative

  • Ceramic lasts - dominates field of time

  • Cheap- down to how good you are

  • Romans took the potters nor the pots, took gold killed goldsmiths. Value in the art. And quality of eye, artistic quality not valuable material

  • Buildings are large vessels

  • Brian Clarke tiles

  • Art of reproduction

  • Painting = unique then make prints, ceramic other way round

  • Art world doesn’t like that

  • Greek ceramics shapes taken from metalworks

  • Mimesis - taking something and taking it somewhere else

  • Early started a movement but often most dramatic of some. Art nouveau

  • Paul Gauguin

  • Women excluded from story but in western history ‘women’s art’

  • Central to practice but excluded from history

  • Breakthrough of women artists 1970-80s in ceramics, hadn’t happened anywhere else like that before

  • Women potters been hidden

  • Eva zeisel, Lucie rie, Betty woodman, Magdalene Odundo sold for £254000 at auction - most expensive ceramic sale in history

  • Best ceramic art by emigres

  • Can’t have western ceramic without Islamic - lustres etc tin glaze

  • Lots see Greeks as beginning of Europe - wrote about selves as they were from everywhere, Africa Egypt Lagos etc. ignored and pushed the Aryan. Let alone could be woman

  • Greeks didn’t really sign works, Romans did. Not many did after. Some ‘s’ meant slave made it

  • Anne kraus

  • Making poetry from the mud of the earth

  • Greeks were a culture rather than race

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