Cluster Crafts 10.7.22

I had a friend from Nottingham Trent exhibiting at Cluster Crafts this year, held in Ugly Duck gallery in Bermondsey, so wanted to visit. I discovered a range of artists, along with some I have seen before, who employ texture and create beautiful forms with their ceramics.

Hannah Simpson:

Hannah was my favourite artist at this exhibition. Her work are things I would love to own and are very much my personal style and aesthetic. I really like how her ceramics were 'cute' without being too 'cutesy', they're appealing without being cringe. Her ceramics also reminded me of my own in the addition of legs (as well as the eyes and fur to one!) in making them seem alive and creature-esque. I loved her use of the lampshade on the far left piece pictured above, it completed the form and beautifully complimented the ceramic shape, with the fluffy texture of the lampshade reinforcing the idea of it being a creature. This is something I really want to try in my work next.

Other artists work exhibited:

Andrew Walker, Ana-Belén Montero, Chloe Lennon, Toni Losey, Lorène Cavagna, Natalia Shaw-Fernandez.

I was drawn to the variety of texture displayed in this exhibition. I really enjoyed that the majority of ceramicists used vessels to convey their ideas and surface decorations - I think this well employs the traditional purposes of ceramics into modern contemporary art and craft. A few artists used oxides to create rusted/worn appearances on the surfaces of their ceramics, as I did in unit 2. I do really like how this looks but id be interested in experimenting with more colours next term as I found myself drawn to many of the colourful shapes and glazes.

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