Combining paintings with ceramics

I wanted to explore ways of combining my 2D work with my ceramics. As the mark-making and gestural texturing of my ceramic surfaces have been influenced by my textural painting and drawing, I wanted to see if they would complement each other when displayed.

Interacting ceramics with the paintings: placing them on top

Using the paintings as a backdrop for ceramics:

These tests were not successful. Both the paintings and the ceramics have too much going on to concentrate on the other. Instead of complimenting each other, they are overwhelming (not in a good way) and almost cancel each other out. The detail in each piece is lost as the whole experience has too much.

I deliberately used some of my 'plainer' ceramics as I preemptively thought this might be an issue. Even so, just the visible coil detailing is already too much in conjunction with the paintings. This means that it won't work with my collection as I plan to glaze most of the vessels.

The colours of the paintings are what is most wrong. They don't work with the ceramics at all and seem entirely unrelated. It could be interesting to use neutral colours in my painting to see if this would complement the ceramics more. Furthermore, I could create flat 'paintings' using clay instead of paints - texturing a slab of clay using the same techniques as I do in my paintings, using slip instead.

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