Critical thinking - Simon's session

Updated: Jan 13

Asking questions in my practise, what do I want to learn/what do I want others to learn from my work?

1. How does the work explore/consider weaving as a technique?

2. How am I responding to the cultural applications/importance of weaving?

3. How have different materials been considered?

4. How does the project relate to me as an individual? – what aspects

5. How does the project explore my relationship with my heritage?

6. How am I exploring my interest in texture and tactility?

7. Why is it important to relate to Judaism?

8. What is the importance of the objects purpose?

9. How is functionality important within the work?

10. How has the context of the objects place in the world been considered?

11. Why is it important that the pieces are aesthetically pleasing?

12. What contemporary artists have influenced my making?

13. How have I applied my research into my making? – unpack

14. How have I used weaving in my making?

15. What is the significance of creating something relevant to my heritage?

16. Why was it important to speak to my grandparents about our individual family relationship to Judaism?

17. Why is it important to conduct research within different cultures?

18. Why focusing on those themes?

19. What message am I conveying as I explore weaving?

20. What narrative am I discussing as I explore my culture?

21. What is it about the project that drew me to it?

22. What impact will my work have on the viewer, how will it make them feel?

23. What thoughts/feelings do I want people to have when they see my work?

24. Why is it important the pieces are an item of craft?

25. Why is it important for the pieces to be handmade?

26. Why do I want there to be a maker-object connection?

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