Updated: May 16

Have felt a bit lost at the beginning of this unit. I like having a brief to kickstart my work as it provides a basis for research and ideas. The freedom we have within this project has been slightly overwhelming but I have tried to focus on what I'm interested and complete my 3 tangible tasks as a catalyst for my work.

Tutorial with Oscar:

Haven't been entirely sure which direction I want to take my work in. I'm interested in lots of things and have lots of influences, which makes it challenging to narrow down my interests and start making.

The two ideas I'm going to focus on are: 1) texture and material-maker connections, using gestural marks and working quickly to create and allowing risk and chance to determine the outcomes of my work. 2) narratives as a maximalist surface decoration, exploring the self and using technical skills and knowledge to achieve a decorative, ornate finish.

Artist inspiration:

(artists mentioned in my 3 tangible tasks)

I want to focus on realising my ideas through vessels. I'm drawn to the idea of functional objects used as sculpture, or making a piece suitable for domestic use but never using it/making it impractical for use. Vessels also serve as a great base for maximalist decoration, as the surfaces can hold any desired finish and as a structure they're designed to be stable. Furthermore, they hold a great presence in a room. Sculpture often only fits one particular environment, but due to the domesticity of a vessel, they fit both casual and more formal surroundings. This question of context intrigues me and is something I want to explore.

Left to right, top to bottom: Tessy King, Vicky Lindo, Jessica Coated, Grayson Perry, Akiko Hirai, Theaster Gates

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