Discussion with Carina Ciscato

Updated: Jun 5

As research for my CRP, I visited Carina's studio at Vanguard Court to interview her. It was so nice to talk to her about her practice and she gave me lots of advice about starting out, including how to focus on developing your own style and aesthetic. I'd struggled with this throughout my project and she gave some super helpful advice - I can always change what I make and explore different avenues but my style will always be in there because it's made by me. This was really reassuring because it's been something I've worried about throughout this unit.

In relation to my CRP, our discussion was very useful. Carina has been the only maker to accept an 'interview' (casual discussion) for my research so the interaction was invaluable. Her insights as someone who works in ceramics and as a creative were very different to Paul's. She said that your inspirations determine what your style is and whether it leans more towards minimalism or maximalism. With her mother being an architect, Carina grew up interested in buildings and her ceramic work has always had this linear inspiration behind it, which is evident to see.

Overall, it was a very helpful interview for both my CRP and my practical work and I hope to keep in touch with Carina!

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