Etching and final dreidel

Updated: Jan 23

Added my illustrations to my dreidel file:

I purchased a 6.3mm wooden dowel to add in the top, which I cut to a 10cm length to serve as the handle for my dreidel. This will then be glued into the top of the dreidel, the only fixed element. I altered the kerf of the design to make the pieces fit together tighter. This will mean that I won't need to glue them and the pieces will fit together tight enough to not fall apart, but can also be dismantled.

George assisted in programming the laser cutter to etch the illustrations but cut the rest of the shapes out. Initially etched these onto the surface, but didn't realise that two of them needed to be flipped, so they came out lopsided.

I like how the etched illustrations look, but wanted to add more depth and dimension to them by cutting out certain sections. Below are the edited illustrator files to do so.

Finished final dreidel:

Each dreidel side:

This was far more successful and I'm extremely pleased with the outcome. The illustrations work really well on the sides and the cut outs allow light to pass through either side, which as it spins reminds me of the light passing through a kaleidoscope.

I want to leave the MDF as it is, rather than adding varnish/oil/paint. The raw finish, including the laser cut burns, adds to the overall concept of the piece. My relationship with Judaism is cloudy and undefined, so the blurred marks and raw wood reflects this well. Im still discovering my identity within the Jewish culture and religion, so leaving it without a wood finish feels extremely fitting.

Clip of the final dreidel spinning:

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