Cutting the final stool

Updated: Jan 17

Cutting the final stood from plywood using the CNC router:

Gluing the pieces together:

Added small pieces of MDF under the clamps to ensure the pressure was evenly spread out, otherwise it could cause the pieces to tilt slightly and make the legs uneven.


  • Spaces (see images of joining above) from the CNC router make it wobble slightly, a tighter fit means less movement. This wasn't noticeable on the smaller model, but evident on a larger scale. Could hand cut these in future to ensure a tighter fit.

  • A bigger shoulder could be added around the mortise and tenon joints = more area to therefore give more stability and longevity as a stool.

  • If had made of real wood, could have cut into the mortise and tenon joins and hammered in a wedge to expand the wood and secure - easy to repair also. Could either saw the excess wood off or put a peg through the extended wood - can theoretically disassemble.

To do now: consider how to finish the surface of the wood

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