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Updated: Nov 11, 2021


Further research into objects - corn dolly (documented in sketchbook). Looking at the historical purpose behind the object - what was its purpose? Who made it?

It was believed that the spirit of the corn resided in the last sheaf gathered at harvest and special ceremonies were held attending its cutting.

Possible concepts to explore inspired by this object:

  • Ceremonies - gatherings of people in celebration of a tradition or object. Could look at making an object for people to celebrate - represent a higher figure/being? Could I look at making a 'fake' tradition surrounding my made object?

  • Weaving - creating this texture or effect within another object. Making the movement and fluidity in a material that wouldn't normally be associated with it? Material possibilities - wire? ceramics?

  • Unidentified makers - typical in folk art, focus on the craft and object rather than the maker. Typical within religious/tradition orientated art, lack of prestige surrounding the maker but about what the work signifies. Creating to celebrate/worship.

  • Nature and natural processes - using natural materials to create.


Further research into objects - trivet (documented in sketchbook).

Historical research surrounding object - object had a date of when and where it was made.

Possible concepts to explore inspired by this object:

  • Heat - look at creating deliberate scorch marks, can this be made a feature instead of a defect? Create an object where heat damage adds to the overall effect?

  • Negative space - how can I use negative space to create something new? Exploring the space between objects and the spatial relationship with other surroundings.

  • Domestic design - design to serve a purpose. Create something functional?

  • Multiples of an object coming together to create something new

  • Triangle = only shape that can't be distorted without altering the length of the sides. Explore rigidity and possibilities with this?


Further research into objects - vase (documented in sketchbook).

Historical research - object has a maker name and where it was made.

Possible concepts to explore inspired by this object:

  • Further research into design movements Fantoni was inspired by?

  • Ways of creating a maximalist finish/effect without illustration

  • Modern vs ancient techniques e.g. 3D printing and pinch pottery - parallels between?

Watched Nature and Us: A History through Art documentary recommended by Oscar:

- Idea of nature and the controlling of nature. Gardens are what we think nature should be and are a way of creating our individual representation/visualisation of this.

- Islam - understanding nature gets you closer to God. Could I look at using natural materials as a way of exploring tradition and religion?

- Agriculture = first 'control' and separation from nature. Explore the control of nature through harvest and thus the creation of the corn dolly?

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