Foundations and transformations - design ideas

Updated: Jan 18


Initial sketches based on Oscars 'fruit machine' game, coming up with an object concept within 2 minutes.

Developed drawings, taking elements I liked from fruit machine drawings:


Oscar tutorial - furniture ideas are currently too complex and overambitious for 2 weeks. I need to explore what I like about objects, categorise/sort thematically and then explore why this is:

Also, while exploring what I'm drawn to in other artists works, I discovered that most of the objects I like have interesting forms/play with shapes. As well as this, they often look handmade - with visible finger marks or slight differences between multiples of the same object. I like this connection between maker and product, it feels more organic and I think adds a social value to the object.

Furthermore, I have a great interest in vessels. I like the idea of something being simultaneously functional and purely sculptural. Vessels were historically used for multiple purposes all over the globe, water/food storage - urns. Like this idea of storage as a method of decoration and display, as well as captured space. Space trapped within an object - allows it to be functional or if leave the space unused it becomes sculptural.

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