Idea development - weaving in depth

Updated: Jan 17

Following Simons workshop - exploring weaving in depth.

Definition, what IS weaving?

Google dictionary definition:

1. form (fabric or a fabric item) by interlacing long threads passing in one direction with others at a right angle to them.

interlace (threads) so as to form fabric.

2. make (a complex story or pattern) from a number of interconnected elements. "he weaves colourful, cinematic plots"

3. twist and turn from side to side while moving somewhere in order to avoid obstructions.

"he had to weave his way through the crowds" Playing with the idea of functionality - teapot with legs?

Idea of things slotting together inspired by the trivet. Lazercut pieces to create an object? Shelf? - focus on joinery, Jan Hendzel, Max Lamb. Looking at making a stool - texture hammering in joins. (slide through sketchbook pages below)


  • Online exhibition: Loewe weaves

- Really like how mixed medias have been weaved through the ceramic chestnut roasters, ways of incorporating textiles/weaved materials into the clay and not just replicating. Look at creating a form I can knot/weave different materials through.

- Japanese bamboo Ikebana - basket weaving. The contemporary depart the work from functionality and make it more sculptural.

- I could explore using modern materials with traditional techniques? Natural fibres with modern methods?

  • Walking around Peckham Rye

Looking at different weaving around my local area:

Initially focused on baskets and traditional types of weaving, but as I wandered around looked at other materials that overlap/joined together. Scaffolding - interlocking elements that create a structure, similar principle to weaving?

  • Quipu

Textiles as a form of information. Natalie Miebach, jacquard loom.

  • Mayan weaving

Ideas to explore:

  • Want to focus on theme of weaving - 'becoming an expert' as suggested by Simon. Research through making: weaving as many different materials as possible, I could add ink and experiment with printing? Strawberry laces - exploring modern materials with traditional techniques. Can I make a mini loom in wood?

  • Themes of rituals behind weaving - what rituals associated today? Traditional vs modern. Can I create a ritual around it?

  • What is weaving? A way of mapping? Direction? Communication? Weave Braille into objects? A way of carrying - black hair carries seeds and was also used to map escape routes during slavery.

  • Creating patterns with weaving. Optical illusions and patterns, could carve/cast a pattern? Create illusion with wood turned objects?

  • Weave words together - connections between people/objects. Weaving information, a method of preservation and passing on information and knowledge?

  • Can I 3D print a weaved material? Weaved basket?

  • Create a tension wood piece? - structure held together through string tension?

Second object handling session:

In person can see much more how the vase was made. I like the idea of using slip to paint over the surface of a ceramic and using sgraffito to add a surface decoration. I could incorporate this with my idea developed from research into Mayan weaving - passing down knowldge. Could I create a vessel that tells the story of a tradition I relate to, to pass down to future generations?

The bright blue glaze inside the vase was a surprise, could I experiment with adding colour to my objects in a similar way?

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