Foundations and Trasformations

Updated: Nov 11, 2021


Following the brief yesterday I went through the digitised ILEA collection on the UAL collections website. As there are so many objects, I quickly went through and copied any objects onto a word document that caught my eye, then narrowing these down to my favourite 6.

Using the slow looking prompts provided by Jaqueline, I began looking closer at my objects. Primary questions I want to research are:

  • What is the purpose/use of the objects? or is there one at all? - were they made for tradition/religious reasons, to serve a functionality, decorative reasons, to communicate a narrative?

  • Why have the selected materials been chosen? Cheap/valuable?

  • How were the objects made and by who? Mass-produced/handmade? Named makers and artisans or unidentifiable craftspeople?

  • For the pieces with surface decoration, what is the narrative? Why is this significant and why is the maker telling this story?


Speed tutorials - things to think about/research:

  • Richard Sennett 'The Craftsman' - chapter about identity of unidentified makers

  • Jan Hendzel - London woodworker, focus on joinings

  • Noguchi exhibition at the Barbican

  • Lily Kamper - perspex and gold jewellery

  • Edmund De Waal 'The Hare with the Amber Eyes' - exhibition at Jewish museum and talks about the book online. Exploring appropriation

  • Bernard Leach ceramics

  • 'Nature and us: a history through art' documentary on IPlayer

  • Shane Waltener


  • Why are crafted objects finished to that degree? Functionality? - Whats the equivalent in todays workshop?

  • Cultural appropriation is very accessible at the moment - museums returning artefacts. How do I bridge this political reading with a material approach?

  • Interest in the design and use crossover - what can I extract from this understanding?

  • How do I make factual information into material information?

  • How can I interpret the different themes I have established? - research other works that fit these themes

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