Glazing considerations

As I didn't like the effect of the paint on my ceramics (see the alternative to glazing post), I needed to experiment with my glazing.

From the last unit's work, I was very happy with my terracotta glazing, using my matt white developed glaze (28) over the whole surface. Therefore, I want to focus on how to glaze my stoneware vessels.

On the left, I photoshopped my acrylic-painted vessel onto the larger one to see if it would be more successful on a larger scale. I tested this with and without the background to see if the vessel looks better isolated or with a plain background. The dripping and melting together of the colours work well, but overall, acrylic paint doesn't create the look I am going for.

With glazing, I can achieve the drippy, melting effect by layering multiple glazes over each other, which will cause them to melt together in the kiln. Therefore, I am going to focus on developing a selection of glazes for my stoneware vessels.

Currently, I am unsure whether or not to glaze my very large vessels. To resolve this, I plan to glaze a series of my smaller pieces, testing various glaze combinations to see which are effective. If I particularly like any, I will apply them to my large stoneware vessel, but if I don't, I will fire it to 1280º without glaze.

As a result, I reflected on my collection of glaze tests from the previous unit. I wanted to analyse which would create the effects I wanted on my ceramics, looking at why each would or would not work.

Reflecting on my use of oxides:

The glaze room also has all the pre-made glazes on test tiles, so I can select which I like without having to test them myself. Here I was looking at glazes I could combine with my developed matt white glaze to create a more special effect finish.

I really liked the speckling of the tin white, but its finish was very glossy. This could be nice in small patches over my terracotta vessel, but in small amounts as the glossy glazes smooth over the surface texture of my pots.

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