Handled vessel breakage

Updated: Apr 19

When I came back to my piece after leaving it to dry, I found one of the handles broken off. Im not sure if this was due to someone knocking it or if it dried too quickly and fell off. Nevertheless, I mixed a paste from dried clay and vinegar and applied it like slip to the broken pieces to fix them back together and reattach it to the vessel body. Vinegar allows me to do this as it is a deflocculant - unlike water, it doesn't cause the clay to shrink as it evaporates and so works very well for repairs.

This was very successful, although time-consuming, and I managed to reattach the handle to the body without too much difficulty. Because the body was leather hard, this allowed me to reattach it as the vinegar-damp handle can continue to dry with the body. If the piece was bone dry, this fix wouldn't work as the vinegar slip wouldn't stick.

When putting this piece in the kiln, someone brushed past me which caused another handle to break off. At this point, the clay was bone dry so its not possible to reattach the handle. It could lead to an interesting asymmetrical finish so I bisque fired the pot and plan on experimenting with more special effect glazes on this piece.

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