Inspirational visits/walks

I felt quite stuck over the Easter break and very uninspired in my project. To try solve this I visited some alternative spaces to gather some inspiration.

I visited the Raeburn studio in Hackney, "a collaborative, creative fashion studio where daily design meets responsible production, alongside monthly events, discussions and workshops." []. They hand-make clothing and accessories from recycled military textiles, such as parachutes, all done in house by a team of talented makers. They've done collaborations with some well known companies such as The North Face, V&A, Eastpack and Timberland. Their clothing was so well made and I really liked the combinations of materials and the designs, along with the ethos of the company and batch producing small quantities of clothing.

Wandering around the Shoreditch area there is lots of amazing graffiti art. I particularly liked the layering of the various drawings and the mix of text and image. The maximalist finish achieved is very successful, overwhelming the eye with information - some political, some humorous and some drawings. I could look at doing something similar on my ceramics, collaging a series of transfers over the surface to create a graffiti-like surface.

As I have been reading Linda Bloomfield's book on special effect glazes, I wanted to explore glazes available in commercial shops. Furthermore, I wanted to research the kind of shapes and sizes most common and popular in shops at the moment, exploring what the differences are in commercial and contemporary fine craft ceramics. I found that commercial glazes have become more sculptural in recent years, with many employing crater and speckled drippy glazes on external surfaces. The shapes are much simpler than those seen in the contemporary fine craft marker, supposedly because the simpler shapes are easier and thus cheaper to mass produce in comparison to being handmade by craftspeople.

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