James Shaw

In researching texture, I wanted to look at alternative ways of creating textural works.

Shaw created his own extruder gun to pipe recycled plastic from milk bottle lids into new forms. He primarily creates 'functional' pieces, or objects shaped like they could be functional, with his own distinctive textural finish created by the extruder.

His work also employs risk, although he plans out what he is going to make, the plastic can be unpredictable and therefore the outcome is never certain. This is a principle I am currently exploring, interacting with my materials and using tacit knowledge as well as additional research to drive my making, but ultimately allowing the ceramic and glaze to determine the final product.

Possible ideas to explore inspired by Shaw's work:

  • piping slip onto ceramics - experiment with thinner and thicker slips, different nozzle shapes in a piping bag, colour the slip?

  • use a scraper to shape slip - apply thickly and use a shaped scraper to scrape away excess slip and leave a pattern or shape in the slip

  • create my own tools to texture the clay itself - could experiment with using on wet/leather hard/dry clay to see the difference?

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