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I can't directly relate to Mayan culture which I took inspiration from for my last few object explorations, so wanted to relate back to my own heritage and ancestry - Jewish culture and tradition. I don't know much at all about the religion/culture so carrying out secondary and primary research to learn more.

3 branches of Judaism: reform, conservative and orthodox. Many other more refined types of Judaism stem off of each. Through research I would probably identify as a 'Humanistic' Jew - about the culture and tradition surrounding Judaism but ultimately don't have a belief in God or a higher being.

Objects in Judaism - dreidel, game played at Hanukkah. Hanukkah very soon and is a game played frequently with friends and family. Symbols on the side are Hebrew letters related to the game, I could reinterpret these to relate to myself and my own relationship with Judaism?

I had a conversation with my Grandma who describes herself as 'a Jewish atheist'. Her family were Jewish but her parents stopped practicing and never taught my Grandma about Judaism. Took some notes during our conversation (pictured below).

Researched different dreidels and the variety of shapes and materials they come in. When considering materials, I want to begin with MDF to make a working dreidel. Considering the scale of this object, if I made it much bigger than normal it would represent the overwhelming feeling of my family heritage, considering they stopped practicing due to antisemitism of the time. As well as this, if it takes multiple people to spin the dreidel, it would reinforce the importance of family within Judaism - all coming together to help do this task.

I also want to replace the traditional Hebrew letters with symbols that I relate to Judaism and my own personal relationship with it.

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