Kimberley tutorial 27.4.22

Discussing my CRP first draft submission and feedback.

As I mentioned in my ceramic art London post, I have been in touch with Paul Greenhalgh trying to organise an interview. I want to discuss his thoughts on my topic and see the point of view of a historian/thinker in comparison to that of a designer/maker. Kimberley mentioned I need to put together an ethics form for him to sign so that I can use his interview as part of my essay, so will get in touch with the UAL academic support to help me formulate this.

Focusing on ceramic vessels but could be helpful to define this - Carol Mcnicoll shatters the idea of what a vessel is with maximalism and heavy decoration.

I also need to narrow down my time frame and the geography. Narrow down work and make it more targeted. I'm planning on focusing on the present day and the past decade in Britain - being a maker in the current day I have a good understanding of ceramics made recently and can contact people for interviews, rather than analysing works from people who I cant contact or who have passed.

Interviews - choose a handful of makers and ask their opinion on my subject, compare to the historical/theoretical opinion of Paul Greenhalgh. Robert Cooper - vanguard court, could do a studio visit and talk to some of the makers. Find out their understanding of minimalism and maximalism, how it relates to their workings. 3/4 people making different things, or contemporary view on minimalism and maximalism with relation to 4 makers.

Give an understanding of the terms in my introduction along with theories - Yangi to Bailey. Also in intro could tell my journey in writing this essay, what learned and unlearned etc. Meat of my essay could be the interviews and an analysis of them, a discussion group of makers and their take on min and max in the contemporary scene. Could be opinions from people rather than what their making - just people in the ceramic/creative industry. Miko (ex course leader) could be a good contact, works in vanguard court with a range of other artist/makers.

Still should compare images as this is a strength for a visual student. But if im drawing more on the discussions in my essay they could be needed less. Do use where relevant. Could be a point of discussion in the interviews? More free flowing conversation - leading questions that can develop on and talk about. Its a more personal topic so more personal conversations - say why done this in my intro as a form of research methods.

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