Large terracotta

Following the build of my large stoneware piece, it is easy to see that my very large works have a much greater impact than those smaller. The heaviness of the coils allows for the vessel shapes to distort more dramatically, leading to unique warped forms. For the grad show, I want to have multiple large forms to create a 'wow factor' around my work.

Following my discussion with James, for the next large vessel, I want to build using earthenware (low-firing) clay. Due to the success of my glazes developed in the last unit, I decided to use terracotta, as the deep brown of the clay paired with a matte white glaze highlights the surface texture amazingly.

I knew I wanted to make a vessel that complimented my round stoneware one but that was also taller and larger. A bottle shape would work very well for this. The terracotta means I could build bigger than with stoneware, as there is less chance of warping in the kiln.

Quick considerations of the vague shape I want to make:

Building process:

Form considerations:

Finished form:


I am so happy with how this has turned out. With each piece I build, I am getting better and better, and each is more impressive than the last. Before firing, this vessel measured at 71cm tall and 39cm wide. I feel my technique and style works very well for large-scale pieces, as the distorted forms feel more precarious and almost alive.

I had some great feedback that they look a little like Studio Ghibli characters, which I was super happy with. The Ghibli characters are mysterious, somewhat odd-looking animations that often distort or are drawn in peculiar proportions. Being compared to this was exactly the type of response I wanted to elicit. I hope that people will look at my vessels and feel like they recognise it/have seen something like it somewhere else, having that sense of familiarity and intrigue whilst also thinking there is something odd about them. The vessel shapes are deliberately body-like, reinforcing the intrigue and sense of familiarity viewers connect with. This is furthered by the large scale as the body of the vessel is a similar scale to that of a person.

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