Mark making - drawing

My textural maker marks are very similar to the way I draw - quick, gestural, full of movement and continuous layering. I enjoy creating a sense of manic business combined with thoughtful placement of sketchy marks, with very concentrated areas looking storm-like.

I wanted to draw bodies to further my understanding of the human form, seeing where skin settles as it sags, where muscle leaves a shadow and areas that bulge as we age or gain weight. Sourcing my images from google, I primarily focused on female forms as I feel a lot of my work is a self reflection in some way. Female forms explores pressures I have felt from people, or more generally from society, in how women should or shouldn't look. Moreover, feminism is a social topic that often comes back into my work, so concentrating on female bodies allows me to explore the experiences and emotions of women in a patriarchal society, rather than the idealised woman painted by men.

Although I do enjoy drawing more literal versions of the human form, within my ceramics I want to be more abstract and create pieces that provoke emotions and serve as a personification of human experience, rather than sculpting realistic people.

This exercise was a way of displaying the similarities between my drawing style: lots of scratchy, overlapping, textural marks, to the surfaces of my textured ceramic surfaces. I feel these kind of marks add life and movement to both 2D and 3D works. It adds a directional flow to the work, adding an organic feeling of growth - both in 'getting larger' and emotional, personal and spiritual growth.

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