Model making - project reflection

Updated: Nov 11, 2021


I am pleased with the execution of my project, particularly the functionality of the cabinet itself and its resemblance to my mums original. Nevertheless, on reflection, I would've liked to explore distorting the cabinet to fit the childhood view I had of it. Although I do like my outcome, it's a literal miniaturisation of the original. I remember thinking it was a huge piece of furniture (in reality its quite small) so creating a surrealist inspired form could have been an interesting concept to explore, stretching and shrinking various parts of the cabinet to signify childhood imagination (see image below for inspiration).


In our presentation Oscar mentioned that the object I created inside the cabinet were very linear. As a child one of my primary methods of play was drawing or painting. A quote I really like that often influences my work is "A drawing is simply a line going for a walk" - Paul Klee. Almost unconsciously, I had recreated this and my method of play as a child through my objects - all are continuous lines of materials reshaped to create a form. In essence, each are variations of a line moved around to create something new - a 'drawing'.

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