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A different branch of surface decoration I want to explore is narratives. Inspired by artists such as Grayson Perry and Vicky Lindo, I mind mapped a variety of stories to explore through illustration, text and images.

My favourite of the above ideas was exploring my personal identity and experiences being a twin, looking at mine and my brothers relationship as well as similarities/differences that have grown as we have.

I really liked the style of Nick Sharratt who illustrated the Jaqueline Wilson books while I was growing up, it seems sketchy but also very representational of each character depicted. I was also inspired by victorian cameo portraits, often displayed in oval pendants or brooches with decorative borders.

Portrait of my brother and I:

Furthermore, I like the combination of text and imagery within Grayson Perry's work and want to include significant words and phrases from my brother and I's relationship. Above I wrote memorable things people have said to me in relation to being a twin, which could be interesting to include on a piece.

Additional significant imagery to include:

Considering the type of form I want to create for this piece:

Aeyoung Kim creates split forms that come together to create one whole vessel. I really like this concept in representing my brother and I, fitting with the saying 'two halves of the same person' often used to describe twins. The exterior surface decoration could consist of imagery and text that relate to the both of us, with the decoration on the flat surface (hidden when both are put together) could be our individual characteristics - representing our independent selves.

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