Noguchi exhibition

Updated: Jan 17

Visited the Noguchi exhibition at the Barbican Centre before the Christmas holidays. Found the diversity of his work and the different objects he created throughout his life incredible. This exhibition was very inspiring and I drew lots of connections to the work I'm currently making for unit 1.

I was really inspired by his methods of joining materials together and how he did so on such a delicate way with many of his thinner sculptures. The second photo at the top shows one of his wooden sculptures and the visible joins. I really like how he made the join a decorative element of the work - this is what I am aiming to do with my stool object. Furthermore, the bulbous forms of his lamps are very attractive and seem alive and soft/squishy. However, because they are paper they're intact very delicate and would be easily broken or punctured if handles without care. I like the way Noguchi has taken a everyday object (paper lantern) and made it into a piece of functional sculpture, this is a similar concept to my ceramic pieces as I am making them functional by using glaze and of a domestic size, but then puncturing holes or letting them crack in the kiln so to change their purpose and function.

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