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I attended the talk 'Making a living - why get into craft' run by Two Temple Place via zoom. The 3 speakers included: ceramicist Bisila Noha, presenter and ceramicist Rich Miller and textile artist Onome Otite. The talk covered how the makers got into their professions and how they manage to make a living, considering the average craftsperson earns well below the average wage. I found this talk really interesting as its a concern I have about going into the craft industry - I love making and want to pursue this but the concern about actually being to make a living is a worry.

Below are my notes made from the talk:

Bisila Noha:

  • Work in the Body Vessel clay exhibit

  • Figurative, focus on form

Rich Miller:

  • Tile work - exploring his background

  • Imagery repeating in life - crowns

  • How fit into British society

  • Tiles on savile row building

  • Put self into all areas ceramics fit into to make money

  • Be prepared for long haul and discipline

Onome Otite:

  • Sharing culture and celebrating women

  • We gather at crafts council gallery

  • Princes trust - how sell work. Mentoring. Business

  • Cockpit arts for free space for 2 years. Creative guidance. Where to network or be seen

End discussion:

  • Don’t look to make a living from it, source that from other places

  • Keep at least a day to try new ideas or go to galleries

  • What’s important in your life? Feed in to find style. Look outside of ceramics.

  • The artists way book

  • If something coming from within, it’ll be unique

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