Oscar tutorial 20.4.22

I felt fairly stuck on where to take my project following the easter break, I knew I liked form and texture but didn't have a particular direction in which to follow. Speaking to Oscar, he said my work seemed underdeveloped and the concept wasn't quite where it needed to be yet. My ideas about preserving and making a feature of maker marks are interesting, but lacking further depth. I struggled to word what my thought process and conceptual thinking was, meaning it was difficult to explain the depth of my project that I had in my head.

Showing Oscar the work I made today (see images below) he said they were a good starting point but that again my concept needed more development, which I agree with. While making them it felt like there was a deeper connection with the material and other feelings I was trying to convey with my mark making and handling of the medium, but I'm struggling to find words that feel right to explain this.

Therefore, to aid my concept development, I did some further research into other artists that influence my practice and those that create similar works to my own.


This gave me a further understanding of how to phrase my thinking and ideas:

I am primarily focused on preserving the maker marks and texture left by touch within the ceramics surface. I want to keep the idea of touch and interacting with the material throughout the progression of my works, keeping the construction visible as individuality is expressed through each piece, exaggerated and humanised by hand building techniques. There are 3 key themes I'm exploring: form, surface decoration/texture and the handmade.

I need to focus on asking myself 'why?' - although I know I'm focusing on preserving maker marks etc as discussed above I haven't so far looked at why this is important to me. I'm going to continue my thinking and research to truly figure out what it is that interests me about these points.

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