Updated: May 10

As well as 'struggle' I'm thinking of other emotions/feelings I want to explore that others can relate to. I always circle back to anxiety as it is a very prevalent emotion for me that I feel everyone can relate to, some more distinctly than others. A way of depicting this in a way I feel others could empathise with is 'overwhelming'.

Sketchbook pages:

My first concept was creating a pot and having it overflow with thoughts written on paper. I would stick the wire into the clay before it was fired to ensure it becomes part of the pot and secure. Cotton wool could flow out of the top to represent brain fog and have more thoughts attached to it. I like this idea but the first thing it brought to mind was protests and the signs used during demonstrations, although this is a similar idea of chaos, I wanted the first thoughts to be about a storm or excess of information. Developing this further, I considered having the wire spiral around the vessel - a storm of the mind. The wire could be laid flat into the clay and fired into place to ensure stability, it could also be interesting to play around with different thicknesses of wire. I want to keep the texture and sense of decay that I've been developing within my work on the surface of the vessel, furthering the idea of struggle.

Revisited reflection:

I like this idea but it might be better to make it part of 'struggle' rather than making it a separate thing. There are a few things I'm trying to create with the pieces I'm making at the moment so incorporating a feeling of overwhelm into that could enhance the work. I will use these ideas to add to my current developments to further my current piece, rather than seeing it as a separate thing.

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