Last term I found that I barely did any drawing or painting and spent a lot of time stuck and feeling lost. I want to restart drawing, using very free, gestural marks to reiterate ideas in my pots.

Over the past year I have visited various exhibitions where makers have exhibited 2D works in the background of their 3D objects, providing a backdrop of their pieces as well as serving as another form of income. I want to create similar drawings to reinforce my concepts whilst also situating my work when in exhibition.

I began using the leftover paper for our course About Time exhibition last term. Pinning it to a large wall, I began using charcoal and allowing myself to make whatever mark felt natural. Then, I added thick layers of acrylic paint, letting it drip down the page and using my fingers to add movement and a human connection to the work. Finally, I went in with oil pastels to add more gestural marks and smaller textural details.

I really enjoyed making this. I felt very free and creative whilst making it and am pretty pleased with the result. Although it's very abstract and, simply, is a visualisation of my upper body's movement, I think it reveals a lot about my ideas and likes whilst also mirroring my ceramics. Using my hands in this piece was very successful as it added lots of texture and movement to the work that I also use in the coiling process of my ceramics.

Next, I want to experiment with different papers and continue exploring different mediums to create 2D works.

Process video:

Real time video of gestural movements:

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