Post summer tutorials

First tutorials back after the summer break.


  • Explore counted aesthetic - how far can I push this? Rich colour on a form you're not used to seeing them on etc

  • legs on my work - they bend up slightly at the end, and it's not evident if this is deliberate or not. Do I mean it enough? Halfway between a mistake and genuine consideration.

  • Going into this term I need to work with both mine and the materials intention - understand how it will behave. I need to develop this further. Using an 'out fo control' method, but controlling this lack of control. Understanding where and why things break (if they do) but that its still successful if it does, how can I utilise the cracks etc? Fill with milliput to highlight?

  • The gestural marks on my woven pots in unit 1 - sloppy craft = working with the material and allowing it to work with you, controlled chaos

  • Artifis, manipulation with hands. Large coil built pots

  • I need to push the texture element - all over, dramatic, go BIG

  • Drawing - good to have 2D supporting work alongside my ceramics - human size, loose and colourful, derive texture from these and use to inform my ceramics?


  • Artists to look at: Hew Locke at the Tate Britain, Cy Twombly, Lyrette Yiadom- Boakye

  • Drawing onto fired ceramics - a way of experimenting with translating my drawings onto ceramics. Wax, latex, enamel paint, ceramic paints?

  • Add beeswax to underglaze so that its like a pastel?

  • Experiment with how decorate pots and add glaze - sponge, pipette?

  • how do my drawings interact with pots? Put ontop with the painting behind? Make painting into a pot - cut up and stick together etc?

  • Experiment with different papers, drawing materials etc.

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