Ray Silverman talk

Updated: Jun 5

I attended Ray's talk at the Wilson road campus of Camberwell, organised by Tas and the university. I found the discussion of his work interesting, it was nice to see how someone who studied at Camberwell progressed and the different career avenues he explored. Ray had some incredible teachers, possibly most notably Lucie Rie who he described as 'tough'.

Ray's work is extremely refined, which he said was due to his very critical teachings and not being allowed to keep anything unless it was seen as 'suitable'. His forms are all thrown on the wheel and he creates very elegant shapes. Ray develops all his own glazes, which I absolutely love. Many of them are textural and are where he creates the detail within his work. He spoke about one of his collections that was inspired by space, layering and overlapping various glazes in ring formations around his vessels to recreate the rings around planets and moons.

Furthermore, he spoke about his process and technique. To create the 'craters' seen in many of his works, he uses a very chunky grogged clay, throwing his vessels as usual (which in itself is impressive as the grog will have been like stones). Then, once leather hard, he puts them back on the wheel and uses a kidney to remove the large grog on the exterior - leaving the craters in their place.

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