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Updated: Apr 19

Stories in Stitch, Textiles 2020 at Espacito Gallery.

In this exhibition I really liked how artist Kathryn Hollingsworth created vessels from textiles. The structures had really interesting textures and shapes, with the textile 'flopping' where it was slightly too heavy or dented where had been handled. They resulted in beautiful sculptural pieces reflecting on loss - explored through her series of empty and incomplete vessels. Her use of textiles made me reflect back to my work in unit 1 where I weaved raffia through my ceramic - could I do this again in a more complex way?

Simone Fatal at Whitechapel gallery

I found the raw finish of Fatal's work the most inspiring part of this exhibition. Most, if not all, of her works had her finger marks left where she had manipulated the clay into shape, adding texture to the piece but also displaying the maker-object relationship during the making process. I also really liked the drawings that accompanied her ceramics, although simple, they reflected her maker marks very successfully and the connection between the two was obvious. Could I make texture drawings to reflect on my ceramics?

Our Silver City, 2094 at Nottingham Contemporary

This exhibition was interesting in looking into the future, analysing what is most important to us in the current day that we will take with us. I focused on the ceramic and more textural works in this exhibition as that is what I was drawn to. Lots of works seemed almost ancient or even primal, simply manipulating material into a basic form. I liked this simplicity, it seemed like the focus was not on creating a perfect outcome but the process of making it.

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