Session with Tanvi

Notes from session:

Future plans collage:

I really enjoyed this session, it was refreshing to think about my future as a whole rather than just certain areas. I hadn't particularly given any thought to how the different aspects of my life would come together, particularly how I would attain my personal goals as well as my professional ambitions.

Professional actions: aim to have my work in galleries and be selling through other institutions. Have my work on display or in collections.

Lifestyle choices: I want to work in a creative environment with other makers and creatives around me, ideally in a big open space with people's work and other inspirations around me.

Personal relationships: I'd like to own a house one day in the future, probably not in London. I want to balance my creative professional life with my personal life, still making in other areas of life to be creative in ways other than my profession.

Community contributions: Similar to what Kate Malone is currently doing to introduce ceramics into primary education, I want to run workshops for people and teach ceramics either as a form of educating or just as a fun thing for people to enjoy. Furthermore, I'd love to work for a university and teach in higher education or at BA/MA level.

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