Shape of clay exhibition

Updated: May 13

I applied to the Camberwell Shape of Clay exhibition back in late March/early April and had my work accepted into the exhibition. It was a really exciting experience as this is the first time my work has been exhibited individually outside of an academic course. I also submitted my large vessel with pink raffia that didn't make the final cut - I don't mind as I have already exhibited this piece at the front of camberwell and I was lucky enough to have four other works chosen for display.

From this experience I have learnt the importance of time management and making time to apply for opportunities. I had meant to apply to it as soon as I saw the advert, but kept getting distracted. Thankfully, I did make the deadline, but have missed others because I don't schedule specific time in my diary to apply. Going forward, particularly in professional life, it will be important for me to put aside a day every couple weeks to search for and apply to opportunities.

Video of my shelf of work:

Video of my 'Woven Vase':

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