Simon's language as material session

Updated: Mar 1

Identify 8 key qualities about my work/that interest me:

  1. Texture

  2. Narratives

  3. Material connection

  4. Organic

  5. Risk

  6. Maximalist

  7. Intuitive

  8. Contrast

Find definitions, meanings and references


Definition: The feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface/substance

Designer maker definition: the surface finish of objects

Meaning to me: an interesting decorative surface, texture as a means of decoration.


Definition: a spoken or written account of connected events; a story

Designer maker definition: objects to tell stories

Meaning to me: in relation to personal, historical or current events. Describing timelines or happenings through form and decoration.

Material connection:

Definition: 1. the matter from which a thing is/can be made. 2. a relationship in which a person/thing is linked or associated with something else.

Designer maker definition: the joining of materials and/or the bond between hand to material.

Meaning to me: allowing the hand to bond with materials. Making by hand rather than machine. Using a very limited amount of tools, relying on kinetic knowledge.


Definition: relating to or derived from living matter.

Designer maker definition: natural in material or technique.

Meaning to me: using intuitive making and allowing the material to 'grow' and this determine the shape. Working quickly produces 'wonky' organic outcomes.


Definition: A situation involving exposure to danger

Designer maker definition: employing chance, trying new things with realisation they may not work.

Meaning to me: working quickly and with gestural marks and allowing the material to react accordingly to produce and outcome.


Definition: 1. Extreme views and not prepared to compromise. 2. reaction against minimalism, an aesthetic of excess. More is more.

Designer maker definition: excessive finishes, highly detailed works.

Meaning to me: lots of things to look at on one object, different from every angle and always new bits to explore when you look at an object.


Definition: using/based on what one feels to be true.

Designer maker definition: making decisions quickly.

Meaning to me: using kinetic knowledge to drive my use of materials and determine form and decoration.


Definition: State of being strikingly different from something else in juxtaposition or close association

Designer maker definition: things that differ dramatically, noticeable differences. e.g Contrasting materials, finishes, colours etc.

Meaning to me: bold, striking colours/marks. Light and dark. Doesn't necessarily suit the object. Feeling of discomfort.

Tacit knowledge - mentioned as one of someone else key qualities. It's not a term I'd heard before but feels very relevant to me after discussing it was a class.

Definition: knowledge that you do not get from being taught, or from books, etc. but get from personal experience, for example when working in a particular organisation.

Creating material interpretations of my key terms:

Allowed myself to instinctively make my objects without thinking too much. This allows me to truly create by what inspires me about each term.


Reflection: Almost subconsciously I created a circle, representing the circle of life and renewability. The plaited raffia could represent connectivity between humans and nature and the role it plays in out lives, moreover, suggesting the intertwining of nature in the survival of any living thing.


Reflection: I created a surface as textured and detailed as possible in the given time, then folding this into a vessel. The 'ruffled' top was a means of adding extra detail and texture, following 'more is more'.


Reflection: This was my favourite of the 3 pieces I made in this session. Crumpling the paper added a really nice texture to the piece, similar to what I would create with my fingers in ceramics, and the brown tape added colour and detail while also holding it together.

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