Smaller pieces for show

Updated: Oct 27

To go with my larger vessels, I also want to make a few smaller pieces for the show.

Show plan:

However, would it be more effective to have only larger pieces displayed? This would look more like a gallery display, whereas having smaller pieces could appear more like a trade show. I want my display to be impressive and a 'wow'. Therefore, it might be a better idea to stick to only showing larger vessels. I can always keep making smaller ones and have them as work to sell, with the larger pieces of work being the eye-catchers.


After speaking with Oscar and Bridget, I think showing a range of different sizes of work would be best for the show. It will display my skills and makes the larger ones seem more impressive. Furthermore, having them all displayed together, they resemble some sort of organic environment. I think having the multiple sizes and shapes will resemble some crowd of mysterious creatures, or a multitude of anthills / other organic matter. Including the smaller vessels as well can create interest and show I can work to multiple markets.

Reflecting on my works from unit 2, I began thinking about the shapes that would work best for my smaller forms, to compliment my large pieces this unit.

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