Updated: May 25

When making my personified vessels, I coil built them from the feet up. Whilst drying, my smaller two-legged vessels became wobbly as the clay began to shrink - the second far more notably than the first. This happened because I built the vessel on a wooden board used to draw moisture out fo the clay and assist in the drying process. However, this clearly drew too much moisture out of the feet far quicker than the rest of the vessel, causing the feet to begin lifting off the board and become wobbly. Luckily, it didn't crack as it dried unevenly, but it has resulted in a wobble after the bisque firing (where the clay shrinks even more).

Video of the unstable wobble:

To avoid this happening again, I kept the feet wrapped in plastic once they were just leather hard. As I was building larger, it was important for the legs to be somewhat dry to support the rest of the clay structure's weight. Nevertheless, leather hard was dry enough to hold the rest of the vessel and also meant the feet didn't distort in the drying process, meaning there was no wobble. The addition of two extra legs could have also aided this because there were more supports to hold the clay and so the legs didn't need to be as dry to provide support.

When making my next works, I will carry this forward - using plastic wrap to keep the legs damp and ideally building with more legs to spread the weight and enable the clay to dry at a similar rate across the whole vessel.

Stable four-legged vessel:

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