Updated: Jan 14

Reflecting back on what I want to make - want to experiment with furniture and woodmaking

Research into furniture making as my lack of knowledge around the subject was making me reluctant from making things and going into the workshop.

After decision to not use woodturning, looking at how to develop this idea

Looking back at Jan Hendzel, Max Lamb and Max Frommeld, drew some design ideas to make a stool. Want to focus on joinery - inspired by trivet from ILEA collection and idea of the pieces slotting together. Like the visible joins in Hendzel's work as adds element of interest and detail to the work.

Very inspired by how the three sections of the trivet were joined together, with a tiny nail securing each joint. Also interesting to see that the pieces don't fit exactly and there is a slight amount of space - is this 'good design'?

Exploring Frommeld's work, I really liked his tension stool, I could take inspiration from this and combine this idea with my theme of weaving?

Chose my favourite 3 designs and made them from foam board. The material allows me to create a similar rigidity and thickness that I would make in wood, but on a much smaller model scale. Considering whether to use flat/rectangular pieces of wood or dowels for the legs - flat pieces will be easier to join and cut, which is important for me as a beginner to the material.

During the process of making my models I was exploring different types of joints to use. I liked the two bar stool designs but overall my third design was my favourite as it showcases the joints much more. Also, I can cut out the leg shapes from one piece of material using the bansaw, as well as the circular top, which will be a good introductory way to explore working with wood.


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