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Updated: Jan 17

Making a model of my stool before cutting the final one. Plywood is an expensive material, so to not waste money or material I made a smaller version using MDF. My illustrator file needed some editing as a couple of my measurements were off and it wasn't quite as tall as I wanted it to be. I had initially designed the support pieces as all being horizontal, but talking to Neal he said by making the top one vertical would add extra strength and stability. George assisted me in making these alterations and then we cut my model at D13cm x H17cm.

Putting the bars in between the pockets on the seat was a way of checking it all fit together correctly and double checking the measurements before making the final cut.

Amended illustrator file:

MDF model stool:

This was very successful. The pieces all fit together well and the measurements are all correct. One issue, however, is the stool seat. By cutting the material in the seat all the way through for the legs to slot into, it slides completely down rather than staying at the top of the join. This could be rectified with glue, but overtime it will gradually slide down as the glue weakens. To resolve this, in my final version, I’ll cut a pocket into the seat for the legs to sit into. This will allow for the legs to be stable and secure within the seat so that it doesn’t slide around, but that they cant go all the way through and slide down the top of the legs. This also creates a cleaner finish and stops the need for a tenon and mortise joint on the top of both the legs, which will otherwise be quite complex to programme.

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