Stool surface decoration

Updated: Jan 17

Formative assessment tutorial with Oscar - he mentioned that the stool doesn't seem like my normal work (usually quite maximalist) and so to consider painting it rather than just applying the dark stain all over.

Thought back to my very initial stool designs at the beginning of the project. Then, I was considering optical illusions as a surface pattern inspired by the twisting pattern in the weaving of the corn dolly.

As well as this, as mentioned in a previous post, I have been looking at Max Frommeld's work (below)who uses different colours of wood and paint to create patterns on his furniture. I like the striking contrasts between his chosen colours on each bench, this works really well in creating a distinctive pattern and would also lend itself to creating optical illusions if colour theory was considered.

I looked at combining optical illusions with bold colours to create a variety of surface decoration options for my stool. Considering whether to apply these all over or just to the legs/seat? I want to keep the joints on the legs as a focal point as they were the focus of this object, inspired by the ILEA Collection's trivet. Therefore, Im planning on staining the legs with the dark oak wood stain I bought, but leaving the joins a lighter colour so the laminated layers are still visible and made the focus, and decorating the stool with a patterned finish. One of my other considerations is to weave/knit a cover for the seat. This would link it nicely with my research into weaving and the other objects I've been making, also allowing me to create a maximalist decorative element on the stool.

Also looking at Michael Marriott's work (below), as examined in my 'Artists' post. He uses a very similar coloured ply to that of my stool and the vibrant colours work well. I do think that they have a childish finish to them however, appearing like school desks in a primary school, which is not the effect I want to have with my stool. I hope that by focusing on more complex patterns inspired by optical illusions and considering colour theory to create a sense of depth, that my stool with create a similar refined finish to the benches made by Frommeld.

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