Tanvi's goals and actions session (#2)

This session explored our future goals and the actions we might need to undertake to achieve them. We looked at recognising limiting beliefs that we think about ourselves and prevent us from achieving our full potentials. They often stem from past experiences and we believe them as facts, even though they aren't. This means confirmation bias comes into play and we only see things that confirm these thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, overlooking any contrary evidence.

Our first task looked into these negative beliefs. We came up with a key goal we had and then answered why we haven't achieved this yet. Mine was:

Goal: get my work into galleries

Why not achieved: My work isn't good enough, I don't have the networking skills, I'm too shy to contact people, I don't know enough people, my work concept isn't strong enough, I don't have a specific 'me' style and people won't think I'm legitimate/good, I don't work hard enough and don't work into the evenings to achieve, people don't think I have enough experience.

Next we had yo write the opposite of the statements and visualise what it would be like if the opposite was true, then finding evidence that it is true.

Opposite: My concepts are strong, I have a style of work that people recognise and think is clever and developed, I get everything I need to do done, people think I am experienced enough and are willing to take me - see me as willing to learn.

Evidence: I got an A- in the first term hand in and a 1st in my BA degree, my work is recognisable as my own to people that know me - its not (yet) to others because they don't, I work for most of the day and am as productive as I can be day-to-day whilst looking after myself, I will have a MA from UAL which people will recognise as experience and a great education.

Finally we looked at S.M.A.R.T goals - connecting our goals with career aspirations.

S.M.A.R.T goal sheet:

Notes from the session:

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