Terracotta #2

Thinking about how I can improve my previous form. Using the same process as before, I built up a wider form. An idea I hadn’t yet explored was the addition of extra arms and limb-like structures to the sides of the vessel.

I initially made large ones similar to the length of the legs, however, I didn’t feel they looked right on the structure. Therefore, I made much smaller arms which blended with the rest of the structure more successfully. I also added small coils of clay to look like worms/plants growing from the cracks of the vessel. I hope this will add to the sense of decay, like building ruins, where moss and shoots grow in between the bricks. The human features worked very successfully in personifying the last vessel, so I also wanted to bring them onto this piece also.

The terracotta is a much softer clay than the stoneware. This meant it wasn’t as strong to support itself where the clay was slumping. To prevent it from collapsing, I used a cup as a prop and a sponge to keep it upright and supported until it’s dried. The sponge will absorb moisture from the clay so it can dry at a similar rate to the rest of the body exposed to air. Furthermore, it won't damage the surface texture and detail as opposed to a solid prop.

On reflection, these objects weren't truly focused on provoking emotion. My interest is in conveying ideas of humanization within vessels and creating surface interest. I enjoyed exploring themes of decay and decomposition through glaze and oxide experiments, with the hope that people have multiple reactions to these pieces depending on how long they look at them.

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