Terracotta vessel

Updated: Apr 19

Made this piece as one of my tangible tasks

Assessing where to take this piece:

I wanted to experiment with adding a high fire glaze to this clay. Typically terracotta is a low fire clay (1100º-1400º) but I made a really nice satin white stoneware glaze in unit 1 that I want to try over the dark terracotta colour. Talking to Tas, he said that terracotta could be fired to a higher temperature, it just makes it darker - which I want so that you get peaks of dark brown through the white satin.

Doing some further research, over firing a clay body makes it much more brittle and therefore runs the risk of it exploding in the kiln, cracking or shattering easily. As the uni kilns are quite harsh quick firings, this piece runs a high risk of not surviving the glaze firing. Nevertheless, sometimes terracotta does survive a higher firing and it creates some really nice results.

I applied the glaze and am interested to see the results.

I applied an earthenware transparent glaze to the inside of the vessel so that it would be functional, but on reflection this was a bad idea. Because the two different glazes fire to different temperatures, I should've done two high fire ones as they will shrink and expand at different rates. I'm expecting this piece to come out either in pieces or with large cracks all over. This could be interesting to explore different methods of repair, or incorporating the fragments into other works.

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