Translating my paintings onto ceramics

I wanted to take some of the techniques I use in my paintings and apply them to my ceramics. I aim to create further texture within the works and add detail, all whilst continuing to comminicate my gestural marks and movement.

Splattering with slip:

I think this worked very effectively on the terracotta clay. The contrast of the black and white look striking against the brown clay body. Furthermore, this will bring together the other coloured clay bodies (buff stoneware and black clay) in the final collection. This vessel has rice pressed into the surface, so I'm interested to see how the slip that sits on top looks once the rice burns away.

Wax ceramic crayons:

I used broad, gestural movements to mark the pots with the crayons, although this is not entirely obvious in the video below due to the speed. This is how I created the bold lines in my paintings, both with acrylic paint and the oil pastels and charcoal I added for elements of detail.

Process video:

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