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Talking with Simon, Oscar and Bridget about the direction of my project.

Oscar suggested just getting into the workshops and start making things, doesn't have to be anything perfect can just play with materials. Max Lamb - experimenting with materials in the workshops, creating textures that I like.

Simon - look into the context of my objects too explore the kind of things I want to make and why

Bridget - see 'weaved' ceramic vessel as a starting point - play around with more fibrous materials and see how I can make the vase more complex or more simple - how can I take that knowledge into other materials? Consider size? Idea of moving house ability, smaller things mean they're easier to keep with you through moving. Modern living spaces are much smaller so smaller objects are often more realistic.

Could explore macrame or other types of 'weaving'?

Look at making samples rather than finished products.

Going forward:

Thinking about developing my 'weaved' ceramic further. How does scale come into my concept - could make it far too small/big to use? Looking at weaved objects, can I weave something, dip it in slip and then fire it? What kind of object would this leave me with? Weaving with unconventional materials - wire or more rigid options?

Making a stool in the wood workshop? Whittle down pieces of wood and cut holes in another, try joining by hammering them together? Could create interesting textures during the process. If the edges of this were sharp and not sanded down it could be interesting to make a non-functional chair, completely removing the objects purpose.

I also like the idea of making a set of shelves in the wood workshop, experimenting with joining pieces together and texturing the wood, influenced by Max Lamb's work, I want to have a go using a variety of tools to cut away at the surface and create an uneven texture. Could I use stains/oils to emphasise this? Spalted beech wood has an interesting pattern running throughout. Oils and waxes containing pigments?

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